Video Marketing 101: How to Repurpose Visual Content

Mar 12, 2023
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Tips from an expert video marketing agency, Sunshine Coast.

Every small business we’ve worked with wants to stand out from the crowd. And we’ve learned, over our many years as a digital marketing agency specialising in video marketing on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Riverina and Canberra, that visual content is one of the most effective ways to do that. In fact, recent data suggests that videos can help to boost your conversion rates, increase click-through rates and improve open rates for email campaigns.

But while many brands are creating videos, they aren’t using them to their greatest potential. And that involves repurposing.

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What is video marketing repurposing?


When it comes to video marketing, you need to start thinking beyond the single video strategy. You simply aren’t getting enough value out of your work if you just create a video and post it once. Instead, that one video can be ‘repurposed’ – or used again and again – in many different ways.


There are huge benefits to repurposing video content. 

> It increases your reach on new platforms. 

> It allows you to reach new audience segments. 

>It increases your brand awareness. 

>It saves you time and money on creating new content. 

>And if there’s a fantastic ROI on video marketing, it’s increased exponentially with repurposing.


So how do you get started repurposing video content? Here are our top tips.


Top repurposing tips from a leading Sunshine Coast video marketing agency


Follow the video commandments


Sometimes brands can get caught up in the process of repurposing content and lose sight of what actually makes a good video. It doesn’t matter how much-repurposed content you can create if nobody is going to watch it. Make sure you stick to the all-important rules of video production for every single video.

·  Ensure content is compelling – keep the audience engaged

·  Short and sharp – limit videos to two minutes, if possible

·  Maintain video quality (both visuals and sound), or viewers will stop watching

·  Make sure your video conveys a key message and has a call to action

A woman cooking and recording a video for social media


Consider the platform


Different lengths and styles of videos are suited to different platforms. For example, short-form videos (particularly if they have catchy music or a viral aspect) are excellent for TikTok. On the other hand, long-form videos are great for Facebook and YouTube.

 In the same way, Instagram is great for user-generated content and competitions, while Snapchat is great for behind-the-scenes content. We have examined the various platforms and when to use them in this article.

 When you repurpose your videos, consider the platform you’re going to use it on. Then ensure that the information is presented in a way that suits that channel and its audience. That way, your followers will still find the content interesting if they subscribe to multiple social media accounts from your brand.

 Ultimately, it’s about knowing your audience and the kinds of platforms they use and the styles of videos they love to consume! 


Aim for efficiency


Repurposing your content is a clever way to work smarter, not harder. Think about what written or audio content you can transform into a visual format. For example, film your next interview, podcast, webinar or keynote speech and share short clips on your socials or in your e-newsletters. Alternatively, take the most interesting points from your popular blog posts and turn them into short-form videos or even animations.

 Of course, repurposing also works the other way. Take one video and convert it into a series of written blog posts, infographics for social media, pull grabs or an e-newsletter for subscribers. Content such as your brand video is perfect for a nurture sequence as well as your website.

 Audiences also love behind-the-scenes content. So consider which of your everyday tasks could make for a fun insight into the running of your business. A quick tour of your factory/office or a sneak peek of a product are all big engagement drivers. Why not also share a behind-the-scenes video of filming the main video! Lights! Camera! Action! 

Infographic on how to repurpose video content


Extend your reach


If your brand currently only operates one or two social media channels or just a website, you are limiting your reach. This is another opportunity to think about your intended audience and choose platforms they love. Today you have your choice of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more. You can keep your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind by being across multiple channels.


Remember SEO


Our content marketing agency loves YouTube – not least because it offers a fantastic opportunity for SEO (because it is also owned by Google). Incorporating a few extra steps in the process, such as adding a title, description and tags that reflect popular search terms, can help lead far more potential customers to your brand.

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Keep it real


People crave content that is authentic and relatable. Instagram Live is a particularly popular way to increase this connection between brand and consumer. And it can also give you a very simple way to repurpose existing content that you’d like to highlight.

 User-generated content such as testimonials and reviews are also great to share via Instagram or Facebook Stories. Waste nothing. Even bloopers from videos you have made in the past can be repurposed and turned into short, funny videos for social media.


Balance newsworthy and evergreen content


While evergreen video content will remain perennially interesting to your audience, newsworthy videos will help to gain media attention. Both are beneficial for increasing engagement.

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