your 'why' is ours

We’re passionate about regional business, health & wellbeing,
sustainability and all things that make this world a better place!

We create partnerships with a smart roadmap.

We’re focussed on long-term business results through strategic content and business solutions. While we operate mainly in Canberra, the Riverina and the Sunshine Coast, our clients are based all over Australia.

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our point of difference...

No one knows your business as you do.
That’s why we partner with you - to unlock your story & empower you to shine.

our evolution

We've evolved a lot from when we started as a video production agency in Sydney in 2010. As a passionate, full-service creative team, our job is to tell your unique story to build excitement around your mission.

core values

make a

Do good & work with people doing good

be brave

Lead and share with love at the centre

live with

Own your actions


Support those who can’t see their own strength

our creative team

masters in their fields...

We’re a team of intuitive creatives specialising in powerful strategic content. We're passionate about achieving great results because we CARE about our clients' mission and vision.

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the origins of Our name


A common question! In 2010, while searching for our business name, we were inspired by the film, Beneath Hill 60.

In Belgium, during WWI, the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company dug passageways to aid British troops. These were made in the layer of “blue clay”, 25 to 30 metres below the soggy topsoil. The tunnellers emerged looking like Smurfs. And so our name emerged! Blue represents our corporate side, while our creativity is represented by the endless creative power of clay!

our labyrinth

“Through its twists and turns, its ancient spaciousness holds everything we experience… When we walk the path inward, we carry our burdens with us… When we walk the path outward, we are lighter, more joyful, and ready again to take on our life’s challenges.”
- Abstract from Prisoners of our Thoughts, Viktor Frankl.

Labyrinths are sacred...

Their meandering paths correspond to a very old rhythmic structure or pattern. Walking a labyrinth helps you contemplate, centre and unearth new insights; but also find rest and enjoyment. On the way out, you follow the same path in reverse, and you emerge energised and ready for action!

While our original blue clay labyrinth has changed since its inception it still represents the 5-step journey we walk with clients. Read more below!

our 5-step process

aligning your brand with
your heart & purpose

blue clay’s proven 5-step process uncovers the real needs of clients. No blanket approaches. No fads. No gimmicks.
Every step is a partnership.

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